Some people have been contacting me and asking if I have any self-evaluation tests for autism or ADHD. So I thought I’d make a page for anyone wondering if they might be autistic themselves or just wanting to learn more about it. For now, I focused on self-assessment but I intend to include more purely informative material as well soon.

Autism Self-Assessment

The Autism Spectrum Quotient test (AQ): This is a test that is often used in autism assessments (I got it as well, for example) and it would be a good place to start just so you get some idea of where you stand

Aspie Quiz: This quiz goes more into details (it has 121 questions) and the result is shown to you as a diagram with possible analysis of different aspects of autistic traits

The Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale-Revised (RAADS-R): Another great test that can give you some idea of where you stand and help you reflect on your traits. It has 80 statements and you check whether they have always or never been true, but also whether they are true for you now or whether they were true only when you were a kid.

Autism in Girls Checklist: If you are a person who was raised as a girl, I highly recommend checking out this checklist. It refers to children, of course, so you can answer about yourself as a kid.

Samantha Craft’s Unofficial Checklist: This is another lovely resource for female autistic people. Not an official checklist, but a list of traits common to female autistics and meant as a starting point for a possible debate in therapy or reflection.

ADHD Self-Assessment

ADHD Self-Report Scale: If you are wondering if you might have ADHD, this would be a great place to start.

ADHD Test for Women: This is a quick online test that focuses on ADHD symptoms in women.

I will try to include more resources regarding ADHD in the future. In the meantime, I do believe that googling “adhd test” will get you plenty good results.